5 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Tile

Panda RP1001

Panda RP1001

As you know, there are many surfaces to pick for flooring. So, why should you count on porcelain tile? Porcelain tiles are not only gorgeous; it is superior for a countless number of reasons. Each company has its method or formula for porcelain tile. But clay is the performer ingredient along with other items, i.e., feldspar, sands, quartz, and water. There was a time when tiles used to make by hand and then fired in a kiln or dried in the sun. Nowadays, manufacturers use super-fine porcelain clay and fire it at a high temperature, which makes it a tough tile.

Low Maintenance

You don’t need to buy any particular or unique floor cleaner and wiping up any spills is super easy. Clean your porcelain tile with clear water. You can also use a soap-less pH-neutral liquid detergent. So, what makes a porcelain tile ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces? The answer is that porcelain tile won’t fade, crack or freeze due to cold weather. Also, porcelain tile has more slip resistance than any other tile. Our Amonite Bianco tile is a perfect example of a low maintenance tile.
Amonite Bianco RP1014

Amonite Bianco RP 1014



Porcelain tile comes in many finish options such as polish, matte, and matte carving finish. A perfect finish adds color and personality to any space. Rigato White offers a lovely polished tile with a stunning look. Thanks to the grey veining running thought it!
What makes a porcelain tile exceptionally durable? It is the combination of clay, water, and controlled firing temperature. Porcelain tile is also anti-bacterial and non-flammable. It never releases any Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Porcelain tiles are perfect for any outdoor settings only because of its highly durable nature.
Calacatta Gris RP1021

Calacatta Gris RP1021



Choose porcelain tile for its inherent resistance to stains and dirt penetration. It’s also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. According to the Tile Council of North America, porcelain is naturally dense, which means it’s harder to penetrate and is ideal for areas exposed to moisture. Calacatta Gris is presented here and is an excellent choice for the floor to ceiling porcelain tile coverage.


Porcelain tile comes in many sizes—from small four-inch tiles to large-format tiles. When you choose porcelain tile, you’re choosing a timeless design option that mimics various natural materials like marble, wood, granite, and even cement. It has a more extended lifespan over any other flooring materials. It is customizable for any decorating challenges. Porcelain tile is ideal for an active household as well as an elegant business setting.


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