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Cleaning And Maintenance of Porcelain Tiles

Floor: RP1003 Statuario

What is a Porcelain tile?

A key characteristic of porcelain tiles is that they have a water absorption rate of under 0.5 percent. Porcelain tiles are usually created from denser clay than the average ceramic tile. Also, a great benefit of porcelain tiles is that they are more resistant to stains and scratches since they are made from finer material. Raphael Porcelain is an industry-leading company in manufacturing and distributing porcelain tiles. Raphael Porcelain has earned a reputation for selling the best porcelain tiles to the customers. 

Cleaning For And Maintaining Porcelain Tiles

A huge benefit of porcelain tiles in comparison to other tires is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Basic soap and lukewarm water are enough to polish most porcelain tiles.
When choosing the mop or cloth to wipe porcelain tiles, it is a good idea to use a microfiber cloth or soft cotton to maximize the protection of the quality. This cleaning method can be applied to both small and large porcelain tiles.

Wall: RP1006 Rock Grey

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain tiles on countertops should be cleaned using a pH-balanced cleaning spray. A ph-balanced cleaner should be enough to remove basic everyday stains. Every once in a while, an acidic cleaning spray can be used on these tiles to remove stronger stains. It is important to avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach because these ingredients can damage or discolor the tile quality. Also, oil-based or wax-based cleaners should be avoided to prevent damage as well.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles on the floor should be dusted off with a mop (without the use of liquid) at least once a week to prevent damage from any dust or dirt that might accumulate over the week. Once every two weeks, porcelain floor tiles can be washed with a damp mop combined with a mild cleaner.  Wall tiles can be cleaned in a similar manner.
Lea Blanco Porcelain Tile

Floor: RP1017 Lea Blanco

Maintaining Porcelain Tiles

It is important to repair or replace any scratches on porcelain tiles as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Also, regularly cleaning the tiles as instructed above will add to the durability of the porcelain for years to come. It is always a good idea to seal any grouts or joints to maintain the quality of porcelain tiles even further. 

Also, placing a rug in front of entrances can help protect the tiles from any damage shoes might cause. Rugs or mats can be seen as an excellent prevention method because the fewer rugs there are to protect the tiles, the more damage will be caused by foot traffic.

Some household members will use vinegar to clean porcelain tiles. However, experts suggest this is not a good idea because vinegar has a high acidic content which can damage the quality of the porcelain. It is best to avoid vinegar to retain the durability of decorative porcelain tiles in the home.  

Another important part of maintenance is avoiding water spots. Having water stains for an extended time can damage the quality and make the tiles appear less shiny. One way to ensure avoiding water spots is to dry the whole floor or countertop after washing it with any liquids. Also, any accidental spills should be cleaned up right away. 


It is important to note that the chemicals recommended to clean porcelain can be harmful to some individuals. It is essential to wear protective gloves and masks if possible when cleaning these porcelain tiles. Furthermore, if the individual cleaning noticed any adverse reactions to their body and health, they should report to the nearest emergency room.

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