Porcelain paver tile- Durango Medium

Porcelain Paver Tile For Outdoors

Porcelain paver tiles are a more modern alternative to traditional brick or stone pathways.

The porcelain paver tile is a stunning, non-reflective surface that can be used in many different ways. It’s an ideal walkway and patio option because it offers the aesthetics of natural stone with no maintenance requirements or worries about getting dirty easily like bricks might do over time due to water spillage from rainstorms etcetera! Porcelain Paver Tiles are made of concrete with a ceramic coating to give them durability and aesthetics. They can be used on any surface, including driveways as well! These tiles come in different shapes like circles or squares but there are also patterned options available for those who want more creative designs in their outdoor spaces.

Durango Medium-porcelain paver tile

Landscape architects, designers, and homeowners are always looking for durable materials that can withstand the elements. Our porcelain pavers create stunning visual landscapes with their multiple solid-, wood– or stone look while also being lightweight enough to avoid any pesky drainage problems in your yard!

Why Raphael Porcelain Paver?

Our 2cm outdoor porcelain pavers are thicker than a typical porcelain paver tile and can withstand harsh weather. They’re perfect for use in the great outdoors, with multiple installation options available so you always have your favorite look right at home! It has multiple installation options, including the ability to be installed on stairs or walkways so you don’t have any worries about slippery surfaces when it rains! These tiles are perfect for exterior applications because they’re not only durable but also slip-resistant.

The outdoor porcelain paver tile can be installed in any environment thanks to its durable 2CM thickness and porcelain construction. It comes with installation instructions that will help you install them on grass, gravel, or sand whether it’s a raised pedestal type of setting too!

Porcelain Paver Collections

Porcelain paver tiles come in many different styles and color options. For example, you can get solid, wood, or stone-looking ones to match your home’s decor perfectly!

Solid Look

These sleek and stylish tiles are the perfect way to update your outdoor space. With their durable construction, you can feel confident about these beautiful pieces in all types of weather conditions! Explore our Solid Look paver tile collection.

Technika grigio- porcelain paver tile

Wood Look

Wood porcelain paver tiles are perfect for outdoor spaces. They have a natural beauty that will last, and they’re durable enough to withstand even the most rigorous of climates! Explore our Wood Look paver tile collection.

Stone Look Options

With their modern and sleek designs, stone-look porcelain pavers are the perfect option for any homeowner. They can be used both indoors and outdoors to create an elegant-looking walkway that will last longer than just about any other surface on your property! Explore our Stone Look paver collection.

What are the best places to buy porcelain pavers? Please visit our store locator to find the best porcelain paver tile options near you! Here are a few popular options for you:

KJ Tiles Co.

KJ Tiles is a second-generation, family-owned, and operated company that was founded in 1985. They have been dedicated to serving New York since their beginning with locations throughout New Jersey & Connecticut as well! Here is their website.

Woodhaven Tile & Stone

You’ll find the best selection of porcelain tile that looks like wood in Woodhaven, with a customer-focused attitude that will make your next project an easy decision. Click here to find them on google maps.

Sharon Stone Granite & Marble

With a wide selection of porcelain tile wood looks and an expert staff to help you find what’s right for your next project, Sharon Stone Granite & Marble is the place in Lakewood NJ that will have all your home needs covered.

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