The following is the limited warranty issued by Raphael Porcelain

Raphael Porcelain warrants that its first quality tile and products are manufactured according to ANSI A137.1-28 and meet or exceed these requirements.

What the Raphael Porcelain Limited Warranty Covers:

This porcelain product has been manufactured in accordance with industry standards and is manufactured to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. All
first quality Porcelain from Raphael Porcelain is warranted to be free of defects in the quality of the product for one year from date of purchase. This warranty applies to products used in Commercial, Medical and residential applications.

Warranty is subject to the following conditions:

This limited warranty is valid only in North America. The warranty is not transferable. It extends only to the original end-user purchaser. This limited warranty applies only
Where the affected area of the Raphael Porcelain is visible. The flooring must be installed in accordance with Raphael Porcelain’s recommended installation instructions.

This limited warranty shall not apply to damage arising from any of the following:

• Accidents, abuse or misuse
• Improper installation
• Exposure to extreme heat
• Scratch, impact or cutting
• Freight
• Modification, alterations of Porcelain
• Problems caused by structural movement/deficiencies in the base of subfloor

Please Note:

Raphael Porcelain does not grant to any person or entity the authority to create for it any obligation or liability in connection with this product. Raphael Porcelain shall not
be liable to the consumer or any other person or entity for any incidental, special or consequential damages, arising out of breach of this limited warranty (excluding
Merchantability). All implied warranties are hereby limited to the duration of this limited warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties
or the limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to the purchaser. This warranty gives the purchaser specific
Legal rights, such rights may vary from State to State. This warranty is effective for all shipments after January 1 2019. Contact Raphael Porcelain for complete warranty information.

Installation and Reference Materials:

• For highly slip-resistant, through the body, and unglazed porcelain tiles, special care should be taken when grouting with dark pigmented colors. A grout release
is recommended to prevent finely powdered pigments from lodging in the pores of the tile surface.
• Tiles should be selected and mixed from multiple cartons and shading arrangement planned prior to installation.
• Special consideration needs to be given when installing tiles 20” and larger.
• Once the tile has been cleaned and dried after installation, grout joints should be treated with a sealer. Grout is porous and sealing it will simplify future maintenance (Epoxy grouts do not require a sealer at least twice a year for maximum stain protection.

Installation procedures recommended are those indicated in the current Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation as published by the Tile Council of America, Inc. Specification
References recommended are those established in the American National Standard Specifications for the installation ceramic tile, as published by the Tile Council of America, Inc. Due consideration must be taken with regard to the subsurface, the intended use of the tile surface, and exposure to foreign substances such as water, oil, acid,
etc. when selecting the type of setting material and grout. If in doubt, the manufacturer of these setting materials should be consulted.

Shade Variations:

Due to inherent variations associated with naturally fired tile products, color and texture variations from samples should be expected. Blending of tiles from at least six different cartons during installation is recommended, as shine/finish can differ under certain lighting conditions. Prior to installation, tile should be approved by the customer. No claims for shade or texture will be honored after installation.

Limits of Liability

Tests are performed on random samples of Raphael Porcelain tile by an independent testing laboratory and are believed to be representative of the general quality of the tile. There is no guarantee by Raphael Porcelain that these exact results will be guaranteed on every tile. Raphael Porcelain extends no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to slip resistance, wear-time period, and gloss or maintenance procedures. Test procedures
and individual results are available from Raphael Porcelain. ANSI A-137.1Raphael Porcelain tile achieves the necessary values for the ANSI A-137.1 (American National Standards Institute) requirement. This is the most complete testing done on ceramic tile and includes tests on thickness, facial dimension, warpage, edging, water absorption, crazing, thermal shock, bonding strength and breaking strength.InstallationConsideration
• Water; oil, grease, etc. create slippery conditions. Floor applications with exposure to these conditions require extra caution in product selection.
• Latex modified thin-set recommended for all porcelains.