Yaniv Cohen - CEO Raphael Porcelain

Yaniv Cohen: President & CEO of Raphael Porcelain

Yaniv Cohen - CEO Raphael Porcelain

Yaniv Cohen is the President & CEO of Raphael Porcelain. Also known as Yaniv Cohen, NJ, he has always been a hard worker, starting when he was very young. When he was eighteen, he started his small shop, which soon became a successful porcelain manufacturing and distribution operation serving North America, Israel, and Canada. Today, Yaniv oversees over 150,000 square feet of production space. He’s an inspiring leader who has always been committed to his team and the success of their work.

Raphael Porcelain is a company with a rich history, and there are so many emotions associated with the company. Yaniv Cohen started the company. He named it after his father, Raphael Cohen. After his father’s death, Yaniv founded Raphael Porcelain, a company that creates beautiful porcelain pieces with stunning detail. Yaniv is grateful for everything he has experienced, both good and bad. This new chapter of his life will be filled with many opportunities while never taking for granted where he began and his journey to this point. 

Yaniv Cohen’s love of making beautiful things from durable materials was instilled in him at a young age. His family is originally from Caesarea, Israel, and growing up there, he constantly saw evidence of the permanence of stone. Yaniv Cohen’s life has been a journey of self-discovery. He has learned that the key to happiness is to find beauty in everything. This philosophy has served him well, as his company Raphael Porcelain is one of North America’s most successful porcelain tile manufacturers and wholesale distributors. 

An Inspiring Leader: Yaniv Cohen

Yaniv Cohen- New Jersey-NJ

Yaniv Cohen, NJ, has over 20 years of experience in the tile industry. He takes great pride in his team’s ability to supply unique pieces of porcelain tile that are both timeless and elegant. Yaniv’s story is one of grit and determination. When he first set his eyes on Porcelain, he knew he could create something beautiful. Twenty years later, his company is a success story. Yaniv Cohen is living proof that with hard work and perseverance-anything is possible. 

Yaniv started his business with just 40 designs. He had a few blockbusters. He also discontinued or changed many tiles that didn’t sell. Every month he sold more and more porcelain tiles – he had found his niche. However, he knew he couldn’t rest on his laurels; his customers loved porcelain tiles because of their intrinsic beauty and durability. So, he designed porcelain tiles that replicated natural stone’s beauty and majestic look. Today, some of Yaniv’s designs are the most popular in the tile industry.

Love For Porcelain Tile

Yaniv has always been fascinated by the beauty, unique textures, colors, and potential of natural stones. However, he knew marble and granite were softer and higher-maintenance stones. They require regular sealing and polishing to maintain their appearance.

The hardness and malleability of Porcelain tiles fascinated Yaniv. He knew that the possibilities in color and design could be endless. He used his imagination and ingenuity to create a line of porcelain tiles that replicated the look of marble. The results were stunning, and he added more designs to the collection every year. While other manufacturers of porcelain tile attempt to replicate his work, few can match the seamlessness and precision. 

Yaniv Cohen has a big plan for the company – to develop a new approach to sales by building commercial and residential business segments. He also plans to create new channels and find compelling ways to work with distributors that are entirely new to the world. Yaniv’s plan is to elevate Raphael and establish its reputation as a top luxury porcelain tile market player. 

“I am passionate about designing new porcelain tile patterns and bringing them to market. I am always looking to innovate and bring new products to my customers. My commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none, and I will continue to bring the best possible products to my clients.” Yaniv said.

A Leader in Tile Manufacturing and Distribution

Raphael Porcelain Products

Yaniv Cohen, NJ, started Raphael Porcelain with a simple dream: to create a successful business that would bring beauty and functionality to people’s lives. He had a vision for the future and worked hard to make it a reality.

Initially, Raphael Porcelain started with distribution centers in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Raphael Porcelain has ten big distribution centers in Connecticut, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, and South Carolina. It is also serving in Israel and Canada.

Raphael Porcelain is constantly expanding because Yaniv never stops dreaming and working hard. He knows that with God’s blessing, the future will be bright. 

Raphael Porcelain is one of North America’s leading porcelain tiles providers. Offering more than 100 different colors and patterns, Raphael has something to match any style or décor. Raphael has you covered with two finishes available, polished and matte, and four different tile sizes.

Raphael’s porcelain paver tiles come in various sizes and are made in Italy, ensuring a high-quality product. Raphel also offers large porcelain slabs for countertops, measuring 127″x64″. Raphael guarantees no matter what your project is; it has the perfect tile for you.


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